using System;

// Purpose:
// Store assets, like images and text.
// Assets should be added to this for ease of access/change.

namespace App
    // Purpose:
    // Game text to display.
    public class Text
        // Pirates/Zombies/Monkey/Robot selection text.
        public String m_selectPirZomMonRob = "Pirate\nMonkey\nRobot\nNinja\nZombie";

        // Rock/Paper/Scissors selection text.
        public String m_selectRockPaperScissors = "Rock\nPaper\nScissors";

        // Game won message
        public String m_winner = "Winner";

        // Game play rules.  Each[ind][] is a set of rules pages.  Each [ind][ind] is a page of rules.
        public String [][]m_rulesText = {new String[]{"Rules:\n3 to 5 cubes\n2-4 players",
                                        "Press player to\nchange attack.\n\nShake player to set\nattack.",
                                        "Put players next to \njudge for judge to\ndecide the winner.",
                                        "More than two\nplayers, loser is\neliminated.",
                                        "Flip judge to change\nnumber of players,\nwhat game type\nto use."},
                                        // Game type rules
                                        new String[]{"RPS\n\nRock:\n-Wins-\nScissors\n\n-Loses-\nPaper",
                                        // Game type rules.
                                        new String[]{"PMRNZ\n\nMonkey:\n-Wins-\nRobot, Ninja\n\n-Loses-\nZombie, Pirate",
                                                        "PMRNZ\n\nPirate:\n-Wins- \nRobot, Monkey\n\n-Loses-\n Ninja, Zombie",
                                                        "PMRNZ\n\nRobot:\n-Wins-\nNinja, Zombie\n\n-Loses-\nMonkey, Pirate",
                                                        "PMRNZ\n\nNinja:\n-Wins-\nPirate, Zombie\n\n-Loses-\nMonkey, Robot",
                                                        "PMRNZ\n\nZombie:\n-Wins-\nPirate, Monkey\n\n-Loses-\nNinja, Robot"}};

    // Purpose:
    // Images to use.  Reference any images to use in game from here.  Makes it easy to replace images.
    public class Images
        // Connection to judge.
        public String m_connectJudgeFilled = "FilledArrow";
        public String m_connectJudgeEmpty = "EmptyArrow";
        // Start game.
        public String m_start = "Start";

        // Wait for game to start.  Used for player cubes when the Start image is displayed on the judge.
        public String m_wait = "Wait";

        // End of game result screens.
        public String m_tie = "Tie";
        public String m_winnerLeft = "WinnerLeft";
        public String m_winnerRight = "WinnerRight";
        public String m_winnerTop = "WinnerTop";
        public String m_winnerBottom = "WinnerBottom";
        // Judge cube waiting for users to make their choice.
        public String m_judge = "Decider";

        // Player can start selecting a attack.
        public String m_playerChoose = "Choose";

        // Player has made the decision for the attack to use.
        public String m_playerDecided = "Decided";

        // Screen waiting for number of players to be selected.
        public String m_numPlayers = "NumPlayers";
        public String m_numPlayers2 = "NumPlayers2";
        public String m_numPlayers3 = "NumPlayers3";
        public String m_numPlayers4 = "NumPlayers4";

        // Player has been eliminated from the game.
        public String m_eliminated = "Eliminated";

        // Main title screen.
        public String m_titleScreen = "TitleScreen";

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