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TheForum.GameCode.PosterProfiles.ColorUseData Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ColorUseData ()
 ColorUseData (String type, int chance)
virtual object Clone ()

Public Attributes

String m_colorType
 ID of the color to use.
int m_chance = 0
 Chance the piece will be selected out of all possible choices.
string m_colorType
 ID of the color to use.

Detailed Description

Information on a possible piece color choice. Stores the type of the piece color and what the chance is that it will be used. If all colors have the chance of 1, then they all have the same probability of being selected. If there are two colors, and one has a 1 and the other has a 2, then they have a 1/3 and 2/3 chances of being selected, respectively

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TheForum.GameCode.PosterProfiles.ColorUseData.ColorUseData ( )

Default constructor.

TheForum.GameCode.PosterProfiles.ColorUseData.ColorUseData ( String  type,
int  chance 


colorType - ID of the color.
chance - Chance the color has of being used. Chance is combined with other color chances.

Member Function Documentation

virtual object TheForum.GameCode.PosterProfiles.ColorUseData.Clone ( ) [virtual]

Clone the object.

Value is the clone.

Member Data Documentation

Chance the piece will be selected out of all possible choices.

ID of the color to use.

ID of the color to use.

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